Dr. Brad Lerner, Father of Three

The first thing many patients notice when they walk into Dr. Lerner's office is not a wall full of diplomas or awards, but a large bulletin board filled with the photos and birth announcement of the babies he helped bring into the hearts of so many families.

"The opportunity to help someone have a child who wouldn't be able to without intervention is special.  The ultimate thing that I can do for a couple is help them conceive a child.  It is a great feeling." - Dr. Brad Lerner.

To understand the joy he receives helping couples create families, you have to understand Dr. Lerner as a family man himself. A father of three, Dr. Lerner has dedicated his life to his own family. In addition to being a renowned surgeon and physician, Dr. Lerner is also a licensed soccer coach. He has spent more than a decade coaching many soccer teams, as well as teaching at soccer camps- all while keeping up with his busy medical practice.