Dr. Brad Lerner - A Man of Many Firsts

  • Dr. Brad Lerner was the first specialty-trained physician in the Baltimore region and in Maryland to provide male infertility and microsurgical vasectomy reversal services.
  • Dr. Brad Lerner was the first physician at Chesapeake Urology to enable a parapalegic man to father a child using electrically assisted recovery of sperm.
  • Dr. Brad Lerner was involved with the first pregnancies in Maryland that involved the use of epididymal and testicular sperm.

Turning Dreams of Fatherhood into Reality

In 1992, Dr. Brad Lerner made headlines when he performed a pioneering medical procedure that resulted in the first baby born in Maryland to a father paralyzed from the waist down.  After being injured in a motorcycle accident, the man had just about given up hope that he would be able to father a child. Luckily, he was referred to Dr. Lerner and his hope was soon restored.  Dr. Lerner performed a pioneering new procedure, called electrically-assisted recovery of sperm (electroejaculation), which enabled the retrieval of the father's sperm to be artificially inseminated into the mother.

Two decades since this "miracle," Dr. Lerner has helped thousands of couples, facing a wide range of male infertility issues, become parents.  He also was involved with the first pregnancies in Maryland involving the use of epididymal and testicular sperm.

Dr. Lerner has also proven that parenthood is not just for the young, but also for the young at heart. Dr. Lerner's oldest vasectomy reversal patient was a 65-year-old man who was a father and a grandfather.  His vasectomy had been done 36 years earlier.   Following Dr. Lerner's successful reversal of the vasectomy, the man fathered a child again.

Accolades for Dr. Lerner

Dr. Brad Lerner has been profiled in Baltimore magazine ("Fountains of Youth," Sept. 2002), as well as chosen as a "Top Doctor" in the field of male infertility or urology by Baltimore magazine six times.   In addition, he has been selected twice by his peers as a "Super Doctor" for Urology in the Washington Post Magazine and has been recognized nationally in The Guide to Top Doctors multiple times.

But, despite all of the accolades, Dr. Lerner is focused on the task at hand - the science of medicine, the skillful art of performing and perfecting microsurgical procedures and delivering the expert, compassionate care to the many patients he treats and families he helps.