Patient Testimonials

Praise for Dr. Brad Lerner

For more than 20 years, Dr. Lerner has touched the lives of countless individuals and families, from seeing his patients through a battle with cancer to helping a couple conceive a child naturally. And, it's not just his medical and surgical expertise that patients appreciate, but also his gentle, kind demeanor and his ability to put his patients at ease, whatever their medical issues may be. 


Comments from Patient Surveys

"Dr. Lerner is excellent; That is why I refer him to my patients."

"I would follow Dr. Lerner's practice anywhere. He is simply over the top. He spends as much time as I want understanding my situation. He gives me a strong feeling of competence and caring."

"Dr. Lerner has made me cancer free."

"Dr. Lerner has been my urologist for 16 years. He is an excellent doctor and has always explained my options, been caring and compassionate and I trust him with my health."

"Dr Lerner has a great manner and is very knowledgeable.  He is personable yet thorough and professional."

I have been a patient of Dr. Brad for several years. I would recommend him to all."

"I am most impressed with Dr. Lerner's professional competence."


Stories of Vasectomy Reversal Success

Melissa and Edwards's Success Story... 

Melissa and her husband Edward went into their marriage thinking that they'd never have children of their own.  Edward had a vasectomy, and Melissa accepted that fact.  They were a happy family. Edward had joint custody of his two young boys from his first marriage, and Melissa adored them.  However, "when the boys weren't around, the house felt empty," she recalls.  "We decided we wanted a child of our own, and Ed's dad encouraged us, saying we'd make great parents together."

Melissa consulted her OB/Gyn in Pennsylvania where they live, and he told her about Dr. Brad Lerner.   After they researched Dr. Lerner, she says that she realized he was "the number two guy in the country at microsurgical vasectomy reversal, and he was so close to us in Baltimore." She and her husband met with Dr. Lerner and concluded that he was the doctor for them.  "He's very personable," she describes.

Although Dr. Lerner explained that it is very normal not to get pregnant for a year following vasectomy reversal, according to Melissa, they were delighted when she became pregnant within three months.  Sadly, Melissa's pregnancy was not viable, but the fact that she became pregnant gave them great hope since she was in her mid 30s.  And that hope turned into another very healthy pregnancy.  "It was a perfectly great pregnancy, and I had a perfectly healthy baby girl," she says. "Everybody adjusted easily to the new baby.  She absolutely completed our family.  It's the most amazing thing to have a little girl.  Edward now has his girl.  She looks exactly like him, and of course, he thinks she's the most beautiful thing.  Since her arrival, each day is like a new, fun adventure. We love having the baby."


Teresa and Mason's Success Story...

When Teresa met her husband Mason, he was a widower with three small children, ages 2, 6, and 8.  Teresa was their day care teacher.  Mason had a vasectomy shortly after his third child was born. After a year of marriage, Teresa and Mason felt that their family life would be more complete with a baby of their own and the three boys.  "I really wanted to be a mother.  I hoped to have the experience of raising a child from birth," says Teresa.  "And the boys really wanted us to have a baby," she adds.

Teresa researched urologists who perform vasectomy reversals, as well as researching the cost.  "I'd read that microsurgery had the highest vasectomy reversal success rates.  I came across Chesapeake Urology Associates and found Dr. Lerner.  I wanted someone who does vasectomy reversals often enough to be an expert.  Since we had to pay out of pocket, I knew that we only had one chance to have a baby, and this would be it," she says.

They met with Dr. Lerner who answered all their questions.  "My husband was very comfortable with him," she adds.  "Dr. Lerner fit the vasectomy reversal into our schedule so that it could be done while the boys were in school."  As a result of the vasectomy reversal, "we conceived naturally," says Teresa, who was 27 at the time and her husband was 33. "I just couldn't believe I was pregnant - it worked!  "Our families were very excited to hear the news of our pregnancy because they all knew about Mason's vasectomy but not the reversal. We kept that a secret from everyone except a couple of people just in case it didn't work. Needless to say, everyone was happily surprised."


Dr. Lerner Receives Governor's Citation for 22 Years of Outstanding Service

In April 2012, Dr. Lerner was presented with a Citation from Governor Martin O'Malley in recognition of more than 22 years of outstanding service as Union Memorial Hospital's Chief of Urology.

One of Dr. Lerner's patients nominated him for the Citation. The patient  was treated for an enlarged prostate by Dr. Lerner and underwent successful laser surgery.

The patient was so impressed with the high quality of care he received that he explained, "I felt that Dr. Lerner deserved some type of high recognition.  I've been a patient of his for five years.  Through the course of my treatment, the care that I received from him, the Union Memorial staff and the whole Chesapeake Urology group and nurses was just incredible."