Male Infertility - Expert Care Is Only the Beginning

When a couple decides it's time to conceive and grow their family, infertility is not part of the plan. When infertility affects your ability to conceive a child, there is help, and hope, thanks to Dr. Brad Lerner and the experts at Maryland's leading Male Infertility Clinic at Chesapeake Urology Associates. As Co-Director of this clinic, Dr. Brad Lerner has helped countless couples realize their dreams of a family.

Dr. Lerner understands that infertility is an extremely sensitive and emotional issue that couples face, which is why he and his associates approach every patient with compassion and sensitivity as they work together toward a positive outcome - a baby.
Chesapeake Urology Associates' Male Infertility Clinic and Sexuality Group is an advanced treatment center in Maryland utilizing sophisticated treatments and procedures to help couples conceive naturally by treating male related infertility issues. Under the expert guidance of fellowship trained urologic microsurgeons, including Dr. Brad Lerner, patients are assured of excellent medical care as well as sympathetic and committed advocates.

What is Male Infertility?

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive a child after one year of unprotected intercourse. Infertility is not just a women's issue. In fact, in approximately 50 percent of all infertile couples, an abnormal male factor is responsible for infertility, and 30 percent of couples will not be able to conceive solely because of a male factor.

The evaluation of male infertility is simple, however, and if the male is identified as the factor, the team of specialists at Chesapeake Urology's Male Infertility Clinic can provide expert fertility treatments, helping couples conceive naturally. Dr. Lerner and the program's team of physicians recommend a complete evaluation for male patients, including a semen analysis, a complete laboratory work-up that includes hormonal testing, as well as other lab tests as indicated, to identify the cause of a couples' infertility.
Dr. Lerner firmly believes that every couple should have the chance to conceive a child.  He also understands that male infertility is a private and sensitive subject among the many couples he treats and provides his patients with compassionate, unparalleled care that puts his patients' minds at ease.