Leading the Way in Men's Sexual Health

As one of the physician leaders of the Male Fertility Clinic and Sexuality Group at Chesapeake Urology Associates, Dr. Brad Lerner understands that speaking about sexuality - specifically about sexual dysfunction and issues related to male sexual health - can be difficult. Fortunately, through his compassionate ways and vast experience diagnosing and treating male sexual disorders, Dr. Lerner can help men who are dealing with sexual health issues, exercising extreme sensitivity, confidentiality, and most of all, providing his patients with hope.

While it is uncomfortable for many men to broach the subject of sexual health, and sexual dysfunction with their doctor, it is incredibly important to get to the bottom of any health issues.  Often, male sexual dysfunction is caused by an underlying factor or medical condition that may be solved with medical and/or surgical treatment. Dr. Lerner will perform a full exam to identify any medical issues that may be negatively affecting your sexual function, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and low testosterone.  There are also times when the dysfunction is caused by stress, anxiety or outside pressure and this too, can often be treated very successfully.

Dr. Lerner's 20 + years of experience in men's sexual health can benefit men who are experiencing problems including:

Fortunately, there are a number of treatment options available to help men experiencing sexual issues return to their normal selves. The first step is turning to an experienced and caring specialist like Dr. Lerner for help.