Expertise in Microsurgery Makes the Difference

Dr. Lerner's microsurgical skills and extensive training is critical to ensuring the positive outcomes his patients' experience. 

The Making of a Skilled Microsurgeon

Just what is a microsurgeon and what makes these surgeons so specialized?

A microsurgeon performs complex surgeries on some of the body's tiniest structures using a high powered microscope. The microscope is necessary to clearly visualize these small structures which include nerves, capillaries, and tiny blood vessels, during surgery.

There are only a handful of fellowships in microsurgery and male infertility nationally, and Dr. Lerner is among a select number of urologists who have completed this intensive training at one of the most prestigious programs for male reproductive medicine and microsurgery in the nation at Baylor College of Medicine. In fact, only two percent of board-certified urologists in the U.S. have this highly specialized fellowship training.

The Microsurgical Advantage

When it comes to performing a vasectomy, as well as varicocele repairs, patients clearly benefit from the expert skills of a microsurgeon as these specialized procedures involve a complex system of tiny blood vessels. 

As one of the leading microsurgeons in the region, and in the country, Dr. Lerner's mission is simple - personalized, compassionate and expert care for every man, and couple, he treats.

"My goal is to provide the highest quality care to my patients and help couples increase their chances of conceiving a child. Having been involved in microsurgery and the evaluation and treatment of male infertility since 1989, I have vast experience in all types of treatments, allowing me to counsel each couple appropriately on the best option for them."